When Roesha, still shocked and confused by all the things she learned from her guardian, Galel, the truth about her identity is too unbelievable to absorb. She had been a typical teenager, but now was told that she is not human—that her father had kept secrets from her. Galel tells her that she is an alien princess and must take her place on the throne. He is the sole descendant of his family, but there are people who will try to stop them from taking over Jaha Palace and gaining control of the throne. Will Roesha be corrupted by power when she becomes queen? Will Galel gain everything he’s ever wanted? Derek Goneke has created a new kind of adventure for sci-fi lovers. Follow the story of Roesha and Galel as they both embark on a journey that will affect two planets. This adrenaline-charged book is sure to take your breath away with its compelling storytelling by Goneke!