Simba The Fireboy Simba and the stone of conquest Derek Goneke

A race against time.

Simba, child of the prophecy, has earned himself a powerful ally—Queen Oglove of Yttrium. Now capable of withstanding even the deadliest alien bullet, along with the Queen, Simba travels back through time to Ahec, where the answers leading to the Stone of Conquest are said to lie. With time racing against them, will Simba’s dreams for a peaceful world finally come true? Or is this only a prelude to much bigger and more sinister events?

A vindictive retaliation.

Quinn knows where Simba is—and he needs to get there fast. His children, now turned against him, are now unredeemable in his eyes. The lust for power has completely blinded Quinn, making him even more spiteful than ever. Together with Deputy Wong and Lady Hex, Quinn sets out to Ahec, where the Stone of Conquest is presumed to have been kept by no other than the banished Queen herself—Oglove’s mother. As their forces continue to balloon in numbers and mount in strength, Quinn is overcome by both grief and joy. Grief for the family he has lost and insurmountable joy for the impending end of Simba’s journey—his greatest nemesis.

Everything is not as it seems.

Queen Oglove can remember clearly the day her mother was shamed and banished, word after f her villainy had reached the ears of his Majesty, the King, her father. With the balance of the universe hanging by a thin thread, the conception of stones, Treasure of Ocal and Stone of Conquest, didn’t bode well for all who had life. Dubbed to be the mind behind what is considered the most powerful magical tool, the former Queen’s identity remains a mystery. However, after finding out the link that could lead them to her, Simba and the Queen journey to the infamous forest, rumored to trap anyone that enters the realm beyond it forever.

The beginning of the end.