Expropriation The Revelation Derek Goneke

All is not as it seems. 

The universe, in its deepest recesses, undiscovered to humanity, becomes incited the concept of a perverse system, a tarnished force capable of turning up bedlam and instilling worry to all that possesses existence. With the world’s imminent extinction hedged by the extraterrestrial soul that prowls in the snags of nature, life as we perceive remains by a slim thread. Meanwhile, around the world, apprehension remains to foster—world rulers have got warning of the imperceptible enemy. 

A telltale of a unique kind. 

Things have never been the same for the humans engaged on that calamitous day in the thicket. As they proceed to confront with the stag truth that the world is hiding a secret that could unleash anarchy of the highest order, more individuals are finding themselves involved in what could be the dawn of the Earth’s spiraling towards the bitter end.


There is one thing the Earth’s antagonists have misjudged, however. Humankind, incompetent as they might seem in all their fragile limbs and faulty ways, are made of much sterner stuff—much more than what they have made their enemies believe. As fates collide and alliances forged, mankind is confronted yet again. Will they be able to defend what is theirs?