Simba The Fireboy The Last Mind Bender Derek Goneke

Time travel, an ancient village, worlds and timelines threatened with extinction – and Simba must save them all!

Simba, the young Fireboy travels across time planes with his friend Lily as they desperately try to save the world from the evil Quinn. The only hope for the world is the treasure of Calin, and the two friends race through the past and the future to keep it out of Quinn’s reach.

The one who claims the treasure of Calin will control the world, either for good or evil. Lily must find the One who is worthy of the treasure, one who will use it for the good of the world and eradicate evil.

But Simba, the one person who can help her, is grievously injured and has lost his supernatural powers. He is also trapped in an ancient time from which he cannot escape. Can he fulfil his destiny or will he succumb to his injuries? Can Lily find the chosen one who will save the world? How will these two young heroes change the fate of the world?