Expropriation The Encounter Derek Goneke

A team-building hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Jonah is having an uneasy time with his work colleagues to begin with– then something happens. 

He goes to investigate a whirring sound… An 18-foot-high object? A spaceship? Really, Jonah? Paranoia or not, as the group runs for their life through the wilderness, he will soon be vindicated.

In this group is disgraced ex-soldier Ezra, someone who has heard the low-level clandestine chatter about UFOs from the former world of pilots. He gets on the phone to the Sergeant Derek Rivers for assistance – with conditions. Along the way, Dr. Lena Bhatt chief meteoricist and consultant for the CIA joins them. All three begin to unravel a vast operation in the American wilderness that they scarcely could have anticipated, leading them to ask the question: Is the fate of the Earth in the hands of humankind or force altogether more insidious?