They are tipping the balance.

Only the Stone of Conquest stands between the Earth and the Yttrietes’ autocratic rule. The defecting aliens of Yttrium have waged war–their atrocities heightened in search of the missing stone to tip the odds in their favor. Meanwhile, Quinn and his council are set on wreaking havoc, concocting a plan to dominate Earth once and for all. With the aliens’ aid, it is only a matter of time before the Earth is relinquished completely. Little did they know that somewhere in the world, a boy was preparing.

The fate of the world now rests on his hands.

Young Simba, child of the prophecy, must retrieve the stone of conquest before it falls into the enemy’s hands. After discovering Quinn’s deception, together with his friends, they set out on a perilous journey to retake the Earth from Doom’s door. They are met, however, with one major setback—Simba was powerless against the bullets of the aberrant Yttrietes. With the enemy closing in from all corners, will Simba be able to pluck himself out from this precarious situation?

A powerful lady waits.

Queen Oglove of Yttrium had seen it coming from miles away. Ever since the founding of the stones, a ripple had made itself known in her people’s minds. Discreetly done as it may have been the lust for power and dominance over humankind was something fostered for generations. Finding out the deceit of her officials and the trail of destruction they have left on Earth had finally prompted her into meeting the child of the prophecy—Simba. Impressed by the child’s sincerity and resolve to save humans and Yttrietes alike, she grants him a favor of a lifetime. Will this be the key to saving the world? Or will Simba’s destiny take a turn for the worst?