Simba The Fireboy Simba Takes on The Giants from the East Derek Goneke

A village that has broken the shackles of slavery.

A defeated invader intent on revenge.

An invasion of the Giants.

A kidnapped sister.

And a young boy who has to battle them all to save his village and his sister.

It has been three years since Simba discovered his powers which he used to defeat and expel the greedy Iyan from his village, Idan. In that time, his village has grown prosperous. But now, a new threat faces this beautiful little village – the Giants from the East!

The treacherous Iyan want their revenge on Simba and his village, and to do so, they form an alliance with the Giants, telling them of the treasures that abound in Idan. Tempted by the lure of riches, the Giants join hands with the Iyan and ride to invade Simba’s village.

The villages have become confident in Simba’s ability to protect them, but little do they know that a treacherous Iyan teacher has tricked Simba into giving up his powers. And while Simba loses his supernatural powers, the Giants kidnap his little sister.

Will Simba be able to save his sister and defeat the giants? Read Simba Takes on the Giants from the East to find out!