Learn how to master your feelings

  • Are you someone who has control of your feelings at all times? Are you able to effectively lead others and get things done? Could you improve this part of your life and be better in social and work settings? Every single one of us has feelings and most of us experience all of the main ones, sometimes on a daily basis. While we may not readily want to experience things like anger, fear or frustration and would rather have the pleasurable feelings like joy and happiness, we can’t always control them as we may want. This is where Emotional Intelligence plays its part and in this new book, Applied Emotional Intelligence: Learn How to Master your Feelings, Motivate Yourself and Lead Others to Achieve Goals and Have the Right Social Interactions, you can learn the secrets that will make you a success, through chapters that include: Why emotional intelligence is the key to success The 9 attitudes of emotionally intelligent leaders and managers Why developing your emotional intelligence is vital The secrets to greater productivity for entrepreneurs and leaders Making balanced decisions Habits of successful entrepreneurs and leaders And much more… Many businesses are now recognizing that having staff with good emotional intelligence, or EQ, is much better than having a workforce with a high IQ. And even if you don’t possess EQ in abundance right now, the good news is that it can be learned and with this book you can do it right now!

Overcome Your Fears and Find Your Freedom

  • Do you want to start your own business but don’t think you have what it takes? Do you have the ideas that could bring success but are worried about failure? Do you need help to develop your mindset to become all you want to be? There are millions of entrepreneurs out there right now, each of them making their way in the world to greater or lesser degrees and each finding success or failure depending on how they approach their individual problems. Each one of them was where you are now, facing their fears before taking the plunge and wondering if they have what it takes. The good news is the answer is usually yes and with Entrepreneur Mindset: Overcome Your Fears and Find Your Freedom, you can learn exactly how to face the greatest fears you have and defeat them, with advice and tips on: Myths about entrepreneurship that are simply untrue The creativity and innovation that all entrepreneurs have The risks and rewards weighed up How you can change your mindset and find success How innovation, mindset and entrepreneurship are inextricably connected And more… If you are at a crossroads in your life, wondering whether becoming an entrepreneur is for you, then the chances are that it is, but you just haven’t realized it yet. This book will help you get past the fears that all new entrepreneurs face and allow you to enjoy the freedom and benefits that many have enjoyed before you. Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now!

The Revelation

  • All is not as it seems. The universe, in its deepest recesses, undiscovered to humanity, becomes incited the concept of a perverse system, a tarnished force capable of turning up bedlam and instilling worry to all that possesses existence. With the world’s imminent extinction hedged by the extraterrestrial soul that prowls in the snags of nature, life as we perceive remains by a slim thread. Meanwhile, around the world, apprehension remains to foster—world rulers have got warning of the imperceptible enemy. A telltale of a unique kind. Things have never been the same for the humans engaged on that calamitous day in the thicket. As they proceed to confront with the stag truth that the world is hiding a secret that could unleash anarchy of the highest order, more individuals are finding themselves involved in what could be the dawn of the Earth’s spiraling towards the bitter end. Retaliation. There is one thing the Earth’s antagonists have misjudged, however. Humankind, incompetent as they might seem in all their fragile limbs and faulty ways, are made of much sterner stuff—much more than what they have made their enemies believe. As fates collide and alliances forged, mankind is confronted yet again. Will they be able to defend what is theirs?

The Encounter

  • A team-building hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Jonah is having an uneasy time with his work colleagues to begin with– then something happens. He goes to investigate a whirring sound… An 18-foot-high object? A spaceship? Really, Jonah? Paranoia or not, as the group runs for their life through the wilderness, he will soon be vindicated. In this group is disgraced ex-soldier Ezra, someone who has heard the low-level clandestine chatter about UFOs from the former world of pilots. He gets on the phone to the Sergeant Derek Rivers for assistance – with conditions. Along the way, Dr. Lena Bhatt chief meteoricist and consultant for the CIA joins them. All three begin to unravel a vast operation in the American wilderness that they scarcely could have anticipated, leading them to ask the question: Is the fate of the Earth in the hands of humankind or force altogether more insidious?

Expropriation The Series Collection

  • In this captivating and suspense themed book, Jonah, an uneasy and curious character, hikes through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – and witnesses a great revelation tied to the fate of the world. It is revealed that Jonah witnesses an 18-foot-tall unearthly object hidden in the wild – probably a spaceship! Half curious, half scared, Jonah runs for his life with the group that contains an ex-soldier named Ezra who has been hearing suspicious chatter about UFOs from his former world of pilots. As the edgy story unfolds itself and reveals a chain of secrets hidden in the wild, Ezra contacts Sergeant Derek Rivers for assistance on life-changing conditions. In the life-threatening chase of the truth, Chief Meteoricist and CIA Consultant Dr. Lena Bhatt joins the group, and they begin the most uncanny operation in the American wild previously unknown to humans. What fate lies ahead for the group? Is the Earth’s control in the hands of humanity, or is there an outer force tied to it?

The Mythic Series

  • SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 1 Rise of a Young Warrior SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 2 Simba Takes on the Giants from the East SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 3 Simba and the Treasure of Ocal SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 4 The Last Mind-Bender SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 5 Simba and the stone of conquest SIMBA THE FIREBOY: SERIES 6 The aliens of yttrium

Simba and the Treasure of Ocal

  • A young boy A world of Super-naturals A hidden treasure And a devious plan Meet Simba, a young boy who left his town one year ago. No one wanted him to leave but he had no choice but to protect his powers from the evil. While Simba is still figuring out his life in the new lands, a companion cat joins along his adventure, but the evil always has an eye on Simba for he can help them get the hidden treasure. Will Simba be aware of the lurking shadows? What does Simba know, for his life to be at risk? And is the cat really just a companion? Read between the covers of “Simba and the Treasure of Ocal”, and walk along Simba on a surreal adventure


  • They are tipping the balance. Only the Stone of Conquest stands between the Earth and the Yttrietes’ autocratic rule. The defecting aliens of Yttrium have waged war–their atrocities heightened in search of the missing stone to tip the odds in their favor. Meanwhile, Quinn and his council are set on wreaking havoc, concocting a plan to dominate Earth once and for all. With the aliens’ aid, it is only a matter of time before the Earth is relinquished completely. Little did they know that somewhere in the world, a boy was preparing. The fate of the world now rests on his hands. Young Simba, child of the prophecy, must retrieve the stone of conquest before it falls into the enemy’s hands. After discovering Quinn’s deception, together with his friends, they set out on a perilous journey to retake the Earth from Doom’s door. They are met, however, with one major setback—Simba was powerless against the bullets of the aberrant Yttrietes. With the enemy closing in from all corners, will Simba be able to pluck himself out from this precarious situation? A powerful lady waits. Queen Oglove of Yttrium had seen it coming from miles away. Ever since the founding of the stones, a ripple had made itself known in her people’s minds. Discreetly done as it may have been the lust for power and dominance over humankind was something fostered for generations. Finding out the deceit of her officials and the trail of destruction they have left on Earth had finally prompted her into meeting the child of the prophecy—Simba. Impressed by the child’s sincerity and resolve to save humans and Yttrietes alike, she grants him a favor of a lifetime. Will this be the key to saving the world? Or will Simba’s destiny take a turn for the worst?

The Last Mind-Bender

  • Time travel, an ancient village, worlds and timelines threatened with extinction – and Simba must save them all! Simba, the young Fireboy travels across time planes with his friend Lily as they desperately try to save the world from the evil Quinn. The only hope for the world is the treasure of Calin, and the two friends race through the past and the future to keep it out of Quinn’s reach. The one who claims the treasure of Calin will control the world, either for good or evil. Lily must find the One who is worthy of the treasure, one who will use it for the good of the world and eradicate evil. But Simba, the one person who can help her, is grievously injured and has lost his supernatural powers. He is also trapped in an ancient time from which he cannot escape. Can he fulfil his destiny or will he succumb to his injuries? Can Lily find the chosen one who will save the world? How will these two young heroes change the fate of the world? Find out if this will be Simba’s last battle, or if he will once again triumph against evil in Simba: The Last Mindbender.

Simba Takes on the Gaint

  • A village that has broken the shackles of slavery. A defeated invader intent on revenge. An invasion of the Giants. A kidnapped sister. And a young boy who has to battle them all to save his village and his sister. It has been three years since Simba discovered his powers which he used to defeat and expel the greedy Iyan from his village, Idan. In that time, his village has grown prosperous. But now, a new threat faces this beautiful little village – the Giants from the East! The treacherous Iyan want their revenge on Simba and his village, and to do so, they form an alliance with the Giants, telling them of the treasures that abound in Idan. Tempted by the lure of riches, the Giants join hands with the Iyan and ride to invade Simba’s village. The villages have become confident in Simba’s ability to protect them, but little do they know that a treacherous Iyan teacher has tricked Simba into giving up his powers. And while Simba loses his supernatural powers, the Giants kidnap his little sister. Will Simba be able to save his sister and defeat the giants? Read Simba Takes on the Giants from the East to find out!

The Rise of a Young Warrior

  • A beautiful village, rich with gems and gold, invaded by foreigners from across the mountains. A people enslaved for a hundred years,struggling to survive while their wealth is stolen by the invaders. And a young boy who frees them all. This is the story of Simba, a young boy whose destiny it is to save his people from the unjust invaders who have subjugated them. Simba is born into a world where his people are forced to work for their foreign overlords, the Iyan. The villagers are also forced to pay heavy taxes. And those that cannot pay are sold into slavery. These are tough times. Their food supplies are dwindling, and the only way that the villagers can survive is by working on the cocoa plantation controlled by the Iyan. But everything changes the day an Iyan landmine kills his mother. His latent powers awaken and he leads a rebellion against the foreign invaders. But will he succeed in defeating these powerful tyrants that have ruled their village for more than one hundred years? Read Simba: The Rise of a Young Warrior to find out what this young hero will do and how he grows into his power.

The Amazing Kids

  • The Four Friends is a kids fiction sequence depicting the devotion of four kids- Jacob, Grace, Jane and Kennedy pursuing their zeal for Basketball. They. Accomplish something and figure out how to make the world a better place by supporting the less privileged in Their community while earning fans, championships, and rewards. This book motivates children to go after their dreams and support the universe in whatever fashion they can and be the difference. No one is too young to encourage and be the difference.

The Gang’s Back! More Challenges

  • Jacob, Grace, Kennedy and Jane are champions that have now found love and fame. Their fans love them but they have favorites and this is when the fans, as well as our beloved group of friends start to argue who the best is amongst them. Fame starts to get into their heads and brings division to their friendship. Two of our heroes’ talents gets noticed and gets offers to play for other schools. Will they accept these offers? When all this chaos sets it, will it make their friendship stronger or break their bond? Will their friendship stand against fame and opportunities?