Simba The Fireboy Rise of a young warrior Derek Goneke

A beautiful village, rich with gems and gold, invaded by foreigners from across the mountains. A people enslaved for a hundred years,struggling to survive while their wealth is stolen by the invaders and a young boy who frees them all

This is the story of Simba, a young boy whose destiny it is to save his people from the unjust invaders who have subjugated them.

Simba is born into a world where his people are forced to work for their foreign overlords, the Iyan. The villagers are also forced to pay heavy taxes. And those that cannot pay are sold into slavery. These are tough times. Their food supplies are dwindling, and the only way that the villagers can survive is by working on the cocoa plantation controlled by the Iyan.

But everything changes the day an Iyan landmine kills his mother. His latent powers awaken and he leads a rebellion against the foreign invaders. But will he succeed in defeating these powerful tyrants that have ruled their village for more than one hundred years?