Self Confidence

Today, I can boast of a good amount of self-confidence because I have been able to achieve a lot for myself, but it wasn’t always like this. While growing up, I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence. My parents had lots of expectations of me, but I couldn’t meet up to them because I was too timid to do anything without fear. This low self-esteem continued until I started playing soccer. 

My soccer skills were so good that it brought me a good dose of attention that made me feel good about myself, but that momentary ego boost couldn’t help me face real life challenges. 

Playing soccer gave me an opportunity to interact with many people. Being selected to join the soccer team, and doing well in play had already caused me to develop a healthy amount of confidence, so it was easy for me to interact with people.

People develop self confidence through diverse processes. Being great at a specific skill or craft is one way one can acquire self-confidence. When an individual demonstrates that they’re talented at a particular thing, it gains them the appreciation of others, and that in return, gives them a morale boost because it always feels good to perceive that you’re being appreciated for the one thing you can do. 

However, a person may be great at performing a specific task, but they remain timid and shy. When you come across such individuals, the buck lies on your deck, as an observer, to help them channel their creativity to the right path that would cause them to develop into confidence enough to realize their dreams. 

Below are some ways you can enhance your confidence level:

 -No matter what passes, don’t despise yourself. Even if it implies you aren’t good at all; Even if it looks like everyone else is stronger than you, you need to still love yourself because self-love is the bedrock of forming high self-esteem.

– Find your areas of strength and enjoyment and develop them. Everyone has a unique ability that sets them apart from others. Find yours and capitalize on it. This is one way of strengthening your confidence level.

– Concentrate on your strength and not your deficiency. The individuals you think are better than you also have their shortcomings, but most of them have understood the act of masking their susceptibilities and capitalizing on their strengths, and utilizing them to accomplish their goals. 

– Always challenge yourself to perform more difficult tasks than you used to. You’ll notice that the more you improve on your abilities, the more confident you’ll become.

– Set small realistic goals and endeavor to achieve them. Do this consistently, and you’ll realize that with each challenge you overcome, you’ll begin to feel more confident in yourself. Always celebrate your small victories and push yourself to move on to the next bigger task. 

– Surround yourself with people you admire. Watch them; learn from them and try to adopt the strategies that made them successful.

– Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or demotivated by the words of naysayers. A lot of people may try to discourage you with their words. Avoid such people because they have no other ambition apart from bringing you to ridicule. 

– Learn to motivate yourself. Self-motivation is the most effective form of motivation. You must learn to encourage yourself. Always look in the mirror and tell yourself positive words like, “You are good. You can do this. You are amazing. You’re strong.” Be your own biggest cheerleader, and you’ll see your confidence level grow. 

These strategies will help you build your confidence level; But then, in these, the most important thing you need to build your self-confidence is to learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes shouldn’t be a reason to quit. It should be a reason to continue pushing yourself. 

Take a cue from the little child riding a bike on the street.  Before that child could ride the bike, they had to fall repeatedly till they learned to ride it. 

Remember the story of Thomas Edison. History records that he tried ten thousand times before he could make the light bulb. Imagine if he had quit at the ninth, tenth or even a nine-thousandth attempt. We wouldn’t have had the light bulb we have today. Even President Donald Trump, had his own failures. He didn’t quit. He kept trying, and today he has become the president of the United States of America. Learn from their stories and draw inspiration to keep on trying.

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