The Takeover


She grew up on Earth her whole life and believed she is normal, but learning about who she is, unveils a new world — a new world waiting for her to discover and save.

Roesha, still shocked and confused by all the things she learned from Galel, her guardian. She needs to absorb the unrealistic reality of her true identity. From being a typical teenager to becoming a princess, heir to a throne, her father had left her.

Upon finding out that she is not human, her unhuman gifts and abilities also unravel just in time when the enemies started to chase her down to stop her from reigning the throne –  a beginning of a war she had no clue about, another set of rebellion that Governor Keith had plotted against anyone who wants to claim the throne at Jaha Palace.

As the sole descendant of the Davis clan, Galel needs to convince Roesha, Princess Grace, the long-lost heir to help him defeat her power-hungry Governor before it’s too late for both worlds.

Join the two characters as they go on a journey that changes two worlds. Traverse this new flavor of sci-fi book by Derek Goneke, an out-of-this-world new kind of adventure that will make you want to read more as the plot thickens.



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