Beyond Human


Sitting in the midst of three moons and twenty-seven stars, the planet of Dun lived in serenity That was until the mysterious appearance of a bone disease left many Dunnians dead. In an attempt to save their people, the council has reached out to Earth’s scientists for help— but it came with a hefty price they had to pay. Just when a difficult decision has to be made, the council was overthrown by a power-hungry man who wants to rule more than just his planet. With a disease ravaging the planet and an evil man sitting in the council, the planet of Dun needs desperate help. With rumors of their only chance at a savior dead, who will step up and save the Dunnians?

Explore the world beyond humankind and discover the planet of Dun with the first installation of Derek Goneke’s Dun Wars series. Bringing new flavor to the science fiction genre, follow the story of Roesha and Galel as they both embark a journey that will affect the fate of two planets. In this exciting new series, Gonoke’s compelling storytelling will surely take your breath away as the plot unfolds with this adrenaline-charged book.



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