Spaceship Landing on Earth





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When a group of campers go on a scheduled work retreat in the dense, shady beauty of Colorado’s national park, they have no reason to expect anything other than what was advertised.
Little do they know that an unidentified flying object has gone down over The Rockies and there is yet much to yet be discovered.

In the middle of their largely unwilling trip, the group winds up having a chance encounter. When the secret service becomes involved through a series of reports, and seeing as the craft leaves no means of remote tracking, a full-blown investigation begins as the initial hikers give way to a newly formed team of military and civilian personnel.

But, they end up being in for more than they had in mind and things start to turn deadly as the search for the UFO becomes a race against time, space and matter.

Desperate to connect all the pieces of the puzzle as it deconstructs before their eyes, the team soon learns that not everyone is as they appear

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Keep up our latest news, updates, and special book offers. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. Get your next book FREE

What People Say

The writer has a knack for spikey dialogue and creating memorable characters. While the initial idea of discovering a UFO is a popular beginning, Derek has added some interesting and original twists and turns that drag you into the story.

Mystery, suspense, secretive characters with ulterior motives and more. Even some interesting observances add color and vibrancy to the text.

But, this isn't just a disturbing adventure with aliens, CIA, army vets and deadly conflicts. The author weaves in biological engineering, alien science, and more.

If you like contemporary science fiction with secret government organizations, flawed characters and mysterious UFOs, this is the one for you. Definitely worth a read.

Book Features

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Publication Date: July 2, 2020

Language: English

Print Length: 119 pages

Text-to-Speech: Enabled 

Screen Reader: Supported 

About the Author


Author of "Expropriation: The Encounter"

Author of the best-selling Series Simba The Fireboy,The Ultimate Adventures  of the Four Friends  and many more.

As an author, he specializes in Entrepreneurship,Sci-fi , and children’s books. As his mind is always hard at work, he seeks inspiration from a lot of things and aims to write other genres in the future.

What our minds can conceive and what our hearts believe, we can achieve. 

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