Dun Wars books Derek Goneke

BOOK1. Twenty years have passed since the first Dunnians landed on Earth for the vaccine. The disease is worsening. Keith Sanda’s suspicions are at a breaking point. Are the humans deceiving them and preparing for war against Dun?

BOOK 2. Roesha grew up on Earth believing she was just like everyone else – until a freak occurrence unveils her new reality that she was never human. Her alien supersense manifests just in time before hunters attempt to stop her from seizing the throne – the beginning of an unknown war plotted against anyone eager to claim Jaha Palace.

BOOK 3. Wartime ravages stars across the universe, forcing citizens to find a new utopia between worlds befallen into chaos. Political apathy and disease place society in a chokehold, claiming many lives in the process. Without Jenna or Roesha, will anything survive?

BOOK4. Roesha falls under Jenna’s projectile in the storm of the Second Rebellion. She is revived by an ancient craft connoisseur that remembers her from her inflection and superhuman nature, yet forlorn in an obscure starscape.

BOOK 5. The Governor’s screams jolted the Jaha Palace halls with an eerie confusion. No one could hold him back, not even Jenna. The Princess was afraid to return to her father because a discovery had not only terrified her, but also left open many questions.