DUN WARS: Clash of the Planets is the third book of the 6-book series installation about to hit the market. This Science Fiction entry has two central protagonists.

Roesha, a girl in a different world. She is far from the world she grew up in. Her venture leads her to Lunaris, a planet that teaches her more about moonwalkers. Roesha is up for an adventure, self-discovery. Most of all, she is bound to a masterplan. She may be the key to bring down the end of her uncle’s reign.

Jenna and her father are on a mission; to find the princess. They will end up exploring the dead zone. Jenna’s search for someone who does not want to be found may end up being futile in the end.

Roesha is spirited, focused and wary. She, after all, experienced betrayal. She’s being hunted, and as she’s on the run, she is always alert. She is far from home, and wants to end a corrupted civilization. Even if that civilization is run by her own flesh and blood. Roesha is learning, she thirsts for knowledge.

Jenna is determined. She wants to find the princess and end the war. She and her father are trying to find a way.

The clash of the planets is taking place, and its ruler is sitting on top with no care at all. As people strive to find Utopia, the world falls into chaos. Politics continues to ruin the world, and the disease keeps on taking many lives. Lust for power and selfish ambition reigns supreme, and with Jenna and Roesha out of the planet, will the world they left survive in their absence?