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Are you someone who has control of your feelings at all times?

Are you able to effectively lead others and get things done?

Could you improve this part of your life and be better in social and work settings?

Every single one of us has feelings and most of us experience all of the main ones, sometimes on a daily basis. While we may not readily want to experience things like anger, fear or frustration and would rather have the pleasurable feelings like joy and happiness, we can’t always control them as we may want.

This is where Emotional Intelligence plays its part and in this new book, Applied Emotional Intelligence: Learn How to Master your Feelings, Motivate Yourself and Lead Others to Achieve Goals and Have the Right Social Interactions, you can learn the secrets that will make you a success, through chapters that include:

Ø Why emotional intelligence is the key to success

Ø The 9 attitudes of emotionally intelligent leaders and managers

Ø Why developing your emotional intelligence is vital

Ø The secrets to greater productivity for entrepreneurs and leaders

Ø Making balanced decisions

Ø Habits of successful entrepreneurs and leaders

Ø And much more…

Many businesses are now recognizing that having staff with good emotional intelligence, or EQ, is much better than having a workforce with a high IQ. And even if you don’t possess EQ in abundance right now, the good news is that it can be learned and with this book you can do it right now!