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Expropriation: The Collection Series

In this captivating and suspense themed book, Jonah, an uneasy and curious character, hikes through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – and witnesses a great revelation tied to the fate of the world. It is revealed that Jonah witnesses an 18-foot-tall unearthly object hidden in the wild – probably a spaceship! 

Half curious, half scared, Jonah runs for his life with the group that contains an ex-soldier named Ezra who has been hearing suspicious chatter about UFOs from his former world of pilots. 

As the edgy story unfolds itself and reveals a chain of secrets hidden in the wild, Ezra contacts Sergeant Derek Rivers for assistance on life-changing conditions. 

In the life-threatening chase of the truth, Chief Meteoricist and CIA Consultant Dr. Lena Bhatt joins the group, and they begin the most uncanny operation in the American wild previously unknown to humans. 

What fate lies ahead for the group? Is the Earth’s control in the hands of humanity, or is there an outer force tied to it?

©2020 Derek Goneke (P)2020 Derek Goneke


Everything is not as it seems. 

The universe, in its farthest recesses, unbeknownst to humankind, has abetted the creation of a sinister entity, a malign force capable of rearing bedlam and instilling fear to all that has life. With the world’s impending destruction carefully insured by the extraterrestrial body that lurks in the glitches of nature, life as we know it hangs by a precariously thin thread. Meanwhile, around the globe, uneasiness continues to foster – world leaders have finally taken notice of the invisible enemy. 

A telltale of a different kind. 

Things have never been the same for the people involved on that fateful day in the forest. As they continue to grapple with the startling reality that the world is hiding a secret that could unleash anarchy of the highest order, more individuals are finding themselves involved in what could be the dawn of the Earth’s spiraling toward the bitter end. 


There is one thing the Earth’s adversaries have miscalculated, however. Humankind, feeble they might seem in all their fragile limbs and faulty ways, are made of much sterner stuff – exponentially much more than what they have made their enemies believe. As fates collide and alliances forged, humanity is challenged yet again. Will they be able to defend what is rightfully theirs?

©2020 Derek Goneke (P)2020 DGone Publishing


When a group of campers go on a scheduled work retreat in the dense, shady beauty of Colorado’s national park, they have no reason to expect anything other than what was advertised. 

Little do they know that an unidentified flying object has gone down over The Rockies and there is much to yet be discovered.  

In the middle of their largely unwilling trip, the group winds up having a chance encounter. When the Secret Service becomes involved through a series of reports, and seeing as the craft leaves no means of remote tracking, a full-blown investigation begins as the initial hikers give way to a newly formed team of military and civilian personnel.  

But, they end up being in for more than they had in mind and things start to turn deadly as the search for the UFO becomes a race against time, space and matter.  

Desperate to connect all the pieces of the puzzle as it deconstructs before their eyes, the team soon learns that not everyone is as they appear  

Follow the story through greed, betrayal, and confusion as they unmask the menace. 

Can they prevent a bleak future or is the fate of the earth in the hands of someone else entirely? 

©2020 Derek Goneke (P)2020 Derek Goneke

Entrepreneur Dreams

Start Your Own Business Daily Manual with Actions

Unlock the secrets of starting a business from scratch and build it into an empire with Entrepreneurs Dreams, a book full of strategies, information and tools you need for your start-up to thrive. There’s no need to fear leaving your substantial pay check for a 9 to 5 job that you don’t even have passion for. It’s time to put yourself first, step out of your comfort zone, and start your own business that you’ll be proud of.

The problem of deciding what kind of business to start is the first, biggest challenge for any entrepreneur. This issue and many more are addressed here. Find out powerful hacks that will help you develop that entrepreneurial state of mind.


Entrepreneurs Dreams is an essential daily manual for aspiring to business leaders. Starting, growing, and developing a successful business involves strategies, tedious planning, research and study. Entrepreneurs Dreams is a guide that help entrepreneurs face fears and uncertainties in every phase of a budding business.


You’ll learn how to manage your income, build a network of successful individuals, research strategies for developing customer service skills, and how to seek funding for your business. It is time to make those dreams a reality!