The Gifted Illustrious Author

“What our minds can conceive and what our hearts believe, we can achieve.”

Derek Goneke

The best-selling author of many different series, namely: Simba: The Fireboy, The Ultimate Adventures of the Four Friends, Derek Goneke, wholeheartedly believes in this saying. The reverberating creative author lives an extraordinary life, all because of his passion and excellent work.

His life would account for nothing if his hard work doesn’t positively impact the ones in need. He believes in giving to others as life has been generous to him. If you set your mind to it, everything is possible, that’s his belief.

Writing is his passion. His mind never rests, seeking inspiration from several unique things that he aims to turn into different genre writings in the near future. As soon as he earned his Masters of Business Administration degree, he worked as an Account Executive for Fortune 500 Company.

Working in this field awarded him many awards, all because of his constant hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Out of these awards, one reward made him fly around to different parts of the world, where he experienced different cultures of many countries.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity broadened the horizons of his mind, and he realized life was so much more than being concealed behind four walls. All this hefty experience and life lessons made him an Entrepreneur.

He inculcated his business experience in writings, and as an author, he writes about Entrepreneurship and Self-help books, Sci-Fi, and Children’s books. Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneur Mindset are his writing specifically for people aiming to achieve their goals of becoming an Entrepreneur.

The majestic writer lives in Tennessee, his safe haven. Life has rewarded him his biggest success in the form of becoming a father. Spending time with his children and family is his greatest privilege. These experiences led him to create children’s books, inspiring children to learn better and dream better. The themes of the books revolve around Destiny, Heroism, and Adventure.

Derek Goneke